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Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell is an internationally known youth permanency expert and founder of the Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness. Kevin developed Family Finding, a set of strategies being used throughout the United States and in the Province of British Columbia to find lifelong supports for children and young people in foster care. He has been an administrator, director, and vice president of private social service agencies for 21 years. He has also provided technical assistance to Vancouver, BC, Canada, 40 states and many other jurisdictions throughout the United States, including Chicago, New England, Washington DC, North Carolina, Philadelphia, North Dakota and 14 California Counties. He has spoken on the issues of youth permanency throughout the United States and has also published a number of articles on family finding and youth permanency. In addition, family finding was presented to the United States Supreme Court in 2004 and to the US House of Representatives in 2008. Kevin’s work has been featured on CBS 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and other publications in the United States. Mr. Campbell is currently an independent technical assistance consultant.

Mr. Campbell currently colaborates with Seneca Center to provide training and technical assistance on the implementation of Family Finding. Kevin's work has been featured on CBS 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl, as well as in newspaper articles published around the country.

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