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Family Finding Training and Technical Assistance Support

How can we remove the systemic barriers blocking children, in out-of-home care, from maintaining or reestablishing contact and relationships with those that love them? “Family Finding”, featured on “60 Minutes”, implements extraordinary frameworks that may help us rethink what is possible in terms of improving safety, well-being, and permanency outcomes for these important youth.

TRAINING OPTIONS with Kevin Campbell:
All training is customized to meet the needs of your individual group. Planning and coordination calls prior to training are included in the cost of the training. We recommend that you schedule your session(s) at least 4 months in advance however, please inquire with us for details since our calendar is frequently updated.
*Please note that soft copies of the training materials will be sent to you however, each party is responsible for making handouts for their participants.

Lighting the Fire of Urgency: Introduction to Family Finding and Importance of Family Connectedness (One Day)
Includes a 2 -8 hours training to provide background into the history and values of the Family Finding practice, an overview of the six steps of Family Finding practice, live discover phase examples of Family Finding practice, and discussion regarding possible challenges and solutions in implementing the practice. More time available will allow for more detail and live examples.
Maximum group size: 600

Making Connections Happen (Two day)
Includes a 2-3 hour overview of family finding values and principles followed by an explanation of the six steps to family finding and a description of the practice. The following day and a half are spent in teams where participants will practice the first two stages (discovery and engagement) to find as many potential connections as possible for their most lonely children. Mr. Campbell assists team members in implementing the practice and overcoming emerging barriers. 

Family Finding: Doing the Six Steps of Family Finding (On-going)
Includes sessions once a month for six consecutive months, as well as the equivalent of a day of content and logistical planning. The first session will include an introduction to Family Finding and is appropriate for staff that will do the work as well as supervisors and other stakeholders. The following sessions are for staff members who are implementing the practice to received detailed training on each specific step and receive coaching regarding overcoming barriers to implementation and planning next steps. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions.
Maximum group size: 60

Specialized Training (Flexible)
Past topics have included: Working with Non-Custodial Fathers, Team Process and Decision Making
(May include additional costs for curriculum development)

Training Fees

$3,250 per day training fee

$1,500 per day additional trainer (when needed)

$50 per diem per training day, $50 travel day per diem, $25 prorated per diem per half a day

Reimbursement for airfare and hotel costs associated with training (A service fee for the travel agency may apply)

$600 travel day fee for all trips that include over 8 hours of travel (Fee waived if two or more consecutive days are scheduled in the same region).

To ensure travel is available and to get the best rate possible, we request trainings are confirmed 4 weeks in advance. However, we are able to schedule training after this point but may need to charge your agency reimbursement of change fees assessed by outside entities.

Technical Assistance
Consultation for coordination and planning training is included in training fees. Additional consultation in person and by phone is available. Possible topics for consultation include: policy development and implementation, best practices from other non- profit and public agencies, program development, etc.

$375 per hour conference call

$375 per hour plus, $50 per diem, $25 prorated per diem, hotel and airfare (if required) for on site consultation

Contact Information
Please contact the Family Finding Coordinator with any inquires at familyfinding@senecacenter.org or please dial our main line at 510-317-1444 and ask for the Family Finding Coordinator.  Our main office is located at 15942 Foothill Boulevard, San Leandro, California 94578.


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