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Permanency Blast 4-20-11

Greetings Permanency Warriors,
Please read the exciting news below. Please note that there are two announcements in this blast for your Permanency update.

From a supportive sense of accomplishment, we forward this announcement and extend our congratulations to Matt Anderson and “From Place to Place” for the completion of this important documentary.  Seneca Center, host of the National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness, is a sponsor of this film. 
 From Place to Place - logo

Film Announcement
The long awaited and eagerly anticipated feature documentary, From Place to Place, about three young adults who aged out of America’s foster care system is finished and spreading its message across the country – every child deserves a forever family. You can watch the film’s trailer at http://www.fromplacetoplacemovie.com/. The film features Family Finding and Kevin Campbell.

From Place to Place
follows plucky underdogs Mandy and Raif as they set out to change the system that raised them. Despite facing the all too common struggles of life post foster care, they are determined to not only make it but to change the system for the next generation of kids in care. In Raif’s words, “it feels good to know that I am doing something for someone else, somewhere else.” The film takes many twists and turns before Mandy and Raif make it to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress and present to the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth. Their visit to DC sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in the Caucus releasing a Call to Action for comprehensive child welfare reform, which is all captured in the film. After this new adventure, Mandy and Raif are invited to Philadelphia and New York City to share their message – they even get to sing for a live audience at a club in Manhattan. Kevin Campbell also appears throughout the film as he meets Mandy and Raif and helps them reconnect with family members and other loved ones who were lost to them during their time in foster care. From Place to Place offers an intimate look into what is at stake if we do not achieve permanency for kids before they leave the system. It is an inspiring story of what is possible when young people have a strong voice and an attentive audience. In Mandy’s words, “If every foster child had a voice I believe the system would literally change over night!”

From Place to Place is being used by foster care and adoption agencies, advocacy organizations, universities, high schools and individuals to build awareness, create a sense of urgency and lead people to take action that will improve America’s foster care system. To view the film’s trailer and purchase your copy you can go to: http://www.fromplacetoplacemovie.com/


          We have received quite a few requests of late for job descriptions and evaluations of those who are doing family finding/permanency work in public and private organizations.  We are encouragedknowing that these requests reflect a wider spread of work, and that so much thought is going into the organizational development needs to sustain these efforts.  As a support to the field, we want to elicit and collect any job descriptions and evaluations you have generated for these positions.  Please send these to familyfinding@senecacenter.org or reply to this email, and we will happily post them onto our website to promote sharing and refinement of your ideas and efforts to further this work.  We would love to develop a robust library so that folks who are applying for grants (often in tight timelines) can have a place to go that will meet their content needs.

Warm Regards,
Bob Friend
National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness (NIPFC)
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Oakland, CA 94618
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