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Permanency Blast 3-8-11

Hello again Permanency Warriors;

Kevin Campbell, Kelly Beck and I have been speaking with you for years in response to your questions about how to improve the quality and consistency of your relative searches.  We recognize how The Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act along with statewide legislation (such as AB938 in California) have significantly increased your demand for a thorough, efficient, reliable and less expensive search process.  We understand that while some of you are satisfied with your search service, others of you have shared your concerns about:
   ·  response time
   ·  difficulty reading the data you receive, and
   ·  the cost of these services

Many of you also wanted to reduce your overhead expenses by negotiating a search contract for a year to minimize and simplify your administrative/accounting efforts, and have been frustrated by the search company’s unwillingness to do so. 

We have heard you…

We are proud to announce that the National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness and Kevin Campbell have developed a working relationship with Mr. Clif Venable, senior search expert, in order to deliver the highest quality of customized search services at a non-profit price.  Clif recently joined our organization after 11 years with USSearch. He has long shared a vision of expanding his capacity and solely focusing his skills and services to help families in foster care. Clif brings his expertise developed over the last 7 years of relative searches for youth in foster care, during which a number of you/your organizations have worked with him through Kevin Campbell and know of his skills and passion to assist families in care. We are rapidly creating a search process in which once a contract has been reached, your staff will be able to directly enter the needed information on a secure network and send this information to Clif simply by clicking on a link on our website and entering this information in a concise format.  Clif will be the only person with access to the search request, and he will email the information back to the original, authorized sender.

For those of you who are relatively happy with the data and service you receive when completing searches, and would like to increase and expand your capacity to understand the data you receive, Clif will also be available to train and coach you on strategies to enter data, read reports, access multiple sites and better analyze your data.

Look for more information about how to take advantage of this opportunity within the next two weeks.  If you would like to contact Clif directly in the interim, please call 1-800-381-0350, or email  him at clif_venable@senecacenter.org.

Best Regards,
Bob Friend
National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness (NIPFC)
6925 Chabot Rd.
Oakland, CA 94618
Office: (510) 654-4004 ext 2239
Cell: (510) 677-0485